Travel Insurance

The Susquehanna Conference UMVIM provides our teams with travel insurance at no cost.  In order for your team to be covered a VIM Team Roster must be submitted to the Conference VIM Coordinator at ahead of your VIM Journey.  We ask that the teams follow Leading Practices and Core Values of Volunteers in Mission (learn more).  A summary of the insurance as well as the insurance “card” will be sent to you once the roster is received.

All VIM teams should carry travel insurance.  This insurance is a supplement to each team member’s personal insurance.

FOR INTERNATIONAL VIM JOURNEYS we suggest carrying our travel insurance as well as purchasing the UMVIM Jurisdictional Insurance at a low cost.   This insurance can also be used as a supplement for DOMESTIC VIM JOURNEYS.  PLEASE NOTE: Applications for this insurance must be submitted 3 weeks in advance of departure to ensure coverage.

Please note: COVID-19 and sickness are NOT covered by this insurance.  This is accident only insurance.  For more information on coverage related to COVID-19 please contact Michelle at

Pastor Bill Klebe
Conference Secretary, Global Ministries

Doug Hoy
Disaster Response Coordinator

Michelle Schwartzman
Volunteers In Mission Coordinator